How Do They Film 3D Movie?


From recent years 3D movies are the latest technological inventions for filmmakers. One must remember that not all three dimensional movies are produced in 3D. Few of them are directed with standard cameras and later it is sent to third party Production Company that converts movie into third dimension.  Movies that are produced originally in three dimensions are better than post production movie. In most of the cases, the effects seem to be forced, unnatural or otherwise subdued. Special camera that is designed for that purpose is required to shot 3D movies.

Sony 3D camera system designed by James Cameron and Vince Pace is the most advanced cameras in Sony. Cameron utilized the cameras to generate two documentaries before using in film. To learn how 3D movies are produced it is most significant to understand how 3D works. It works on the principle of human binocular vision. One image is created in the brain from the vision of two eyes. The brain uses triangular concept between two eyes and the image saved in two eyes are send to the brain as one image. In olden days, 3D movies were made with two cameras. The images were projected on the screen with two different cameras in synchronization.


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