Firefox to mesmerize with its new interface


Firefox is going to make some changes in its interface, named Australis. This is really going to take the web world by storm. The countdown has already begun because from twelve weeks from the present day, the users of Mozilla Firefox will be greeted by an enormous renovation in its interface and features. Mozilla went on to create a very graphically designed and detailed interface. Users searching for main menu Windows, Linux and Mac will find it hidden and that too behind three horizontal lines icon designed on the lines of an Android-style. It is touch-and-user-friendly. The icons can be recognized very easily.

 The new look about bring sea changes. With many anxious users waiting for it to come, the expectations are rising with every passing day. Stakes are high, will Firefox be able topple over the top or not, only time and of course the users will reveal. Till then you can start counting…


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