Five Dropbox features you must use


Dropbox is one of the best business tools, making computing easy for individuals & organizations. The cross platform tool allows you to manage files the same way you do on your machine, and provide the online accessibility of those files. People use this software for different purposes but still there are many excellent features that allow you to use it more cleverly. Here are five top ways you may use to use your Dropbox with utmost usability:

  1. Auto-start torrent downloads – you may save your torrent downloads directly into your Dropbox folder. To do this with windows, simply check the box “Automatically load .torrents from:” and give the address of folder where you want to save the downloaded files.
  2. Send and receive files – sending large-size files is very easy with Dropbox. DropItToMe, FileStork and AirDropper allow you to upload your files and give the URL to receiver.
  3. Make it your default Documents folder – just like “My Documents” folder, you can make Dropbox your default folder and your current files will be directly saved to Dropbox.
  4. Synchronize your KeePass passwords – you can synchronize your KeePass password with Dropbox and can access the database from any computer that has Dropbox.
  5. Synchronise apps – all the apps or files, that can be moved from one location to another, can be synchronised with Dropbox.

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