Five easy steps to secure your PC


PC security is a big concern these days, given the uncountable number of ways people may attack you. Be it internet security or the safety of your personal data, you need to have an advanced security mechanism to ensure the security of your computer. Here are five easy ways that will assure your PC stay protected from any theft:

  1. Use a secure password. This is essential for different reasons. You may need to use the password at different occasions such as system login password, WiFi password or account login password. Use a strong password and use different passwords for different accounts.
  2. Avoid installing unknown applications. Most of the programs ask you to install some “recommended” applications that may put your security on threat. Avoid installing them.
  3. Update your antivirus on regular basis. Run an update process or set-up automatic update.
  4. Use a firewall, particularly if you have a good amount of internet access. Firewall prevents outside users from entering into your network. You can ensure the internet safety through this.

Keep the programs list clean. Keep browsing your Add/Remove Program menu to see if there is anything suspicious.


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