Flappy Bird, the game that is going to make you go gaga over it


The new madness, the new opium is the game Flappy Bird on the Android and iOS. There must not be any living soul who is unknown of this new fatal attraction. The ads have made $50,000 in a day. It is stated and declared that Flappy Bird is already a runway hit. The users are required to tap on screen so that the bird keeps flying. The birds have to pass clearly between the green pipes (Super Mario style) which are on the floor as well on the ceiling. So, do not take this game as simple or even for that matter easy.

 The game is fatally attractive and addictive. The game has been developed by a Vietnamese named Dong Nguyen. You blink and you miss in this game. The game demands good attention. Gamers would like to have a go with such a game. Flappy Bird is waiting to be won and completed. You can download it and get as busy as a bee.


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