Gearing for an Entry a Bit Too Late: Facebook and Twitter Enter China


With the newly declared Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the “Internet Concession” as it called will lift the block on Facebook and Twitter placed in China, since 2009. With years of isolation yet remarkable growth, the sophisticatedly landscaped social media market in China including the likes of Tencent Holdings, Sina Inc and Renren Inc tailoring networking to fit the local needs, won’t be much disturbed with the access of Facebook and Twitter to one of the world’s largest online population of 591 million.

WeChat, a popular messaging app from Tencent with a 236 million active users and Sina Weibo, micro-blogging and information service with 500 million registered accounts, aren’t likely to be replaced in the near future. But off course Chinese soft spot for brands and a yearning for global interaction will draw users to the social network but a major challenge for Facebook and Twitter to facilitate its entry will include wide-ranging compromises in the wake of official censorship and crack down on posting “online rumors” a practice prevalent domestically.


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