German Hackers Allege Hacking Iphone 5S Touch ID


Just two day after iPhone 5S went on sale worldwide, a German hackers’ team Chaos Computer Club claims that it cracked the fingerprint sensor on Apple’s latest device. Their site says that its biometric hacking team photographed the finger prints of a user from a glass surface, creating a fake finger print, then transferring it onto a thin film and using it with a real finger to unlock the phone’s lock screen.

Through a video published on their site, they demonstrated the hack. The fingerprint essentially contains fat and sweat which is made visible using graphite powder , photographed with 2,400 dpi resolution, laser printed onto a transparent sheet or plastic slide with a thick toner setting. That is then covered with wood glue or latex milk, moistened and placed onto the sensor to unlock the phone.
Touch ID is one the most distinctive characteristics of the new Apple device, which takes an image of high resolution from the sub-epidermal layers of the finger skin, by using a scanner that is built into the phone’s home button, to create a mathematical illustration of the fingerprint only stored on the phone.

Starbug, the club’s BlogSpot author posts said it proved the inaptness of finger print biometrics as a security authentication method and refutes Apple’s sensors loaded with a higher resolution as a marvel. Since the release of the phone and its iOS, this is the third such security failing revelation. This has created concerns regarding security breach for businesses despite the requirements of a high quality finger print and physical access to the phone. Many experts are increasingly showing concerns about finger print access as a security measure for sensitive data.


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