Gmail’s New Year gift – users of Google Plus can send emails to anyone


We are always indebted to Google. This year, we will be thanking Google again. This New Year, Google Plus users will be able send an email to anyone (irrespective of anyone’s having an email address). It is truly mind blowing and astonishing to take note that one can send email to anybody and it is not mandatory to have an email address of the receiver.

This should change the face of sending messages and the like. Some said against it and opined that this will lead to receiving of unwanted, unauthorized emails in the inboxes (inboxes are generally very private and personal). Google maintained that emails can be sent without knowing the email addresses, now that’s something.

For sending the emails to anyone, the following up the persons on Google Plus is obligatory. Recipients will get the emails on Google Plus from anyone. Once they reply, then their email address will be displayed.

However, if they want to be unreachable, this option is there and the Gmail users can simply turn off the option to receive emails (it is on the Gmail Settings page). Let’s hope this will end up been a boon instead of a bane.


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