Going Online This Holiday Season: The Changing World of Digital Shopping


Retailers getting pushier about internet linked products which can not only get your job done but also come loaded with apps that monitor your moves for you may just be one of the biggest digital shopping trend this holiday season. With this trend expect to see more ads embedded on your social networking sites with promotional tweets on Twitter, Ad embeds on your Facebook timeline and “sponsored pins” on Pinterest.

The next big thing to hit the market is mobile commerce with an ever increasing number of internet enabled Smartphone and Tablet users- you may not shop on mobile but you may definitely be searching for the latest trends and products on your mobile when you are on the go. With a whopping 70% shoppers viewing retail email promotions retail apps are expected to rise and retailers are going to be monitoring your every buying behavior to send you personalized emails recommending you everything you desire. Retailers are effectively using analytics and managing personal data to make you’re online shopping worth every dime. Consumers are also likely to query retailers directly via social media sites about everything from product availability to customer support. And the brands are already prepared to interact with their audiences whenever they have something to say through online forums.


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