Google assures users that Gmail’s glitch has gone with the wind


Google finally has resolved the problem that was connected with some of the e-mails getting marked as spam and some others as deleted. However, they added that the users must be careful about placing the messages. This Tuesday, the good news reached the ears of the users that a bug was causing tempest in a teapot. Google proclaimed that the problem that surfaced between the 15 of January till the 22nd has finally been buried in the deepest ocean. This bug is reported to target mostly the Gmail on iOS applications and also the browsers on the mobiles.

Though unclear about this misshaping, Google advised the users to check their spam and trash folders not once, but more than that. It will assure the users that no urgent and vital messages are left in the dark. The pinpoint source about the occurrence of such glitch may be hazy at this moment, but one can take a breather that it has been dealt with iron fits. After all, all is well that ends well.


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