Google cherishing its 15th birthday with a new and powerful look


Yes this time the occasion was the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the tech mammoth Google Inc. Google celebrated it all this time with a nostalgic mood and theme. Google celebrated its 15th birthday on 27th September , the official date from quite  afew years.

Google refreshed its 15 years long journey by inviting all the journalists to the old garage located at Melno Park, California wherefrom Larry Page and the cofounder Sergey Brin, the two Stanford University graduate started it all on a monthly rental of USD 1700 to Susan Wojciki. The premise were thereafter purchased by Google in 2006 and isnow maintained in the form of monument with the Company.

The Google home page displayed a 3D piñata doodle appearing on it and the theme is a Mexican party. All the Google letters were the guests with the letter second ‘G’ playing the game itself.  The Users were required to hit the piñata with the use of the spacebar to collect as many sweets and toffees as possible. With a maximum of 10 chances a user will be awarded points based on the no. of sweets earned while a music plays in the background.

Google also announced the introduction of a more powerful and updated search algorithm called hummingbird. Though the algorithm was already been rolled out a month back. With the release of the Hummingbird it has been figured out that nearly two out of every three search queries in the US will be handled by Google and even a larger number in Europe. The new Alogrithm is going to act like Human who will be able to respond to voice queries as demonstrated by one of the Google executive at the press conference.

It was explained that the purpose of designing hummingbird is to be able to respond to voice commands more efficiently on all types of devices be it smartphones or other mobile devices. The search engine will now be able to provide solution to longer complex search phrases easily in a filtered manner. With the introduction of Hummingbird Google as always continues to outrank its tech competitors be it Yahoo!, or Bing. With this Google now will be able to attain a better grasp at understanding the full concept rather than focusing merely on words.

Google the largest search engine who is the route to almost 70% of the online queries, however it is uncertain to predict the impact on traffic to websites and Google rankings.According to an estimate of the senior vice president Google Mr. Amit Singhal the revamping of is going to impact around 90% of the Google search requests.  With the new algorithm, it is expected to have a rise in Google Ad price, if the websites which are ranked higher feel that they are getting less traffic.

Google all set to out pitch its competitors way behind once again with the support of Hummingbird which is already in place affecting our queries.

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