Google is Eminent as a Smart Contact Lens Provider


Google is taking care of the in-trend contact lenses and they are making use of tiny chips, antennas and sensors which are required for testing level of sugar in blood, and this is the best way to stay absolutely physically fit and disease free. Attempts going on are still on the rise and to take the technology to the next step Google is having a good discussion with the Food and Drug Administration. For measuring level of glucose the Google lenses have imbedded wireless chips and one is even introduced to petite glucose sensors which are placed between double layers of contact lenses made of soft and authentic material.

Regarding the quality of the contact lenses you can concentrate on the opinions of Babak Parviz and Brian Otis. They are the known co-founders of this innovative Google project. Uncontrollable sugar can be a threat to various human organs and as a cure Google is making preparations to help you stay well with these avant-garde clinical contact lenses.


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