Google Glass will be greeting the creamy passengers, information unleashes


Londoners or London travelers who are landing at Heathrow will be greeted by Virgin Atlantic staff (concierge) having Google Glass. The posh and moneyed passengers will no longer have to queue any information regarding their respective flights. They will find someone wearing a bright red jacket who speaks through into the glasses worn by them. On the flip side, the passengers not belonging to the “Upper Class passengers” will not be able to avail this service. Both for the creamy layers of the society, it will be a paradoxical experience altogether.

Such changes will be revolutionizing the world of flight for the upper sections. The passengers can get updated information on weather conditions, local events and the like. With such changes, the expectations rise above the normal level. It is time to think about the non-upper class people. After all, services must be made available in general also.


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