Google to Make Internet Connection Like Never Before, Plans for 1, 000 Times Faster Connectivity


Google is on the threshold of making the lives of internet users easier. Google pledged to make data transferring in a blazing speed. The chief financial officer Patrick Pichette proudly proclaimed that the speed will be around 10 gigabits per second. This is truly going to be a relief for those who are passive victims of slow internet connection. To put it simply, the speed (10-gigabit connectivity) is almost faster by 1, 000 times compared to the regular Internet speed in the US. All is not gold here. If you are thinking of downloading program from third-party sans any infrastructure to aid this 10-gigabit connection, then forget about availing those superfast download speeds.

YouTube, a Google-owned site, users can afford to be cool because it will be supporting bandwidth-intensive video (4K) and thus making it a lot easier. It is not the time to start day-dreaming. But the Google Fiber has slowly and surely made an entry into many second and third cities. Keep your fingers crossed till Google comes up with much more good news.


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