No matter how famous Google is, but they and we all know how badly they faired with their attempts in social media sojourn, but all that seems to be a thing of past with their new launch “Google Plus”.

The main concentration of Google in designing Google Plus has been the privacy and ease. As soon as you get registered, you are given options to put your friends into four groups namely family, friends, acquaintances and following. This comes in handy in case of showing your pics to say, your family, or just your friends. You can further single it down to individuals too. Unlike facebook, where you need consent of both the parties, Google plus allows you to ‘follow’ anyone, with him even knowing it.

For posts also, there is an option if you want comments on it and the post can further be managed by opening it for a particular group. Two major attractions are group video chat which is called ‘Hangout’ and a group chat called ‘Huddle’. Google is in talks for a tie up with ‘Skype’ for group chatting and video chatting.

With ‘Google plus’, Google definitely has made a point this time around.


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