Google to sell videoconferencing system, another feather in its cap


Google Inc recently took turn to display that it has come up with a mind blowing videoconferencing system for various business purposes on Thursday. The partnership is being done with Hewlett-Packard Co (HPQ.N), Dell and Asus so that the specialized version of the Chromebox PC can be developed. The Chromebox PC includes a video camera, videoconferencing gear and speakers. Asus made-Chrombox will be made available first. It is hit the US market for $999. Customers will be able to pay just an annual service amounting to $250 and also management fee. The product is video chat technology associated with Google’s free Hangouts. The technology enables to connect 15 separate video streams from users in varied locations.

The product is sure to give Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO.) and Polycom a heart attack. It will be another clash of the titans. Google is going to make business easy like never before. Google is Google, is not it?


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