How to grow followers on LinkedIn company page


Having more followers on your LinkedIn company page is a guarantee of a flourishing business, due to its global reach. Here are the top five ways of to grow followers on LinkedIn company page:

1.  Add widget to your website.

The best thing about LinkedIn in that you can add a widget on your website and it allows your website’s visitors to follow your company page. Never miss this opportunity and add a LinkedIn widget on your website.

2. Optimize the page effectively.

Having a page and having an optimized page are two different things when it comes to attract your followers. Optimize your page properly by adding some information about your company, your contact details, your business information etc. also, don’t forget to add your blog’s RSS to allow your visitors to read your popular posts.

3.  Engage your audience.

LinkedIn is not just a place for serious people, it is also a place where people like cool and informative content, and they love to get engaged in something unique. This is where you can be different. Post something which may engage your audience. Ask questions, give them some challenges and reward them for their excellence.

4. Utilize Groups.

As we all know, LinkedIn is the place where professionals from different industries gather and discuss about new things. This is where you can get the juice. Together with optimizing your own page, you must also get engaged with other groups. Invite people from other groups, share your ideas and problems and you are very near to touch the edge.

5. Follow other pages.

If you will keep focusing on your own page and forget about the world behind, you can never reach your goal. Consider following other company’s pages, your client’s pages, and they will follow your page in return. This is an excellent way of increasing the number of followers on your LinkedIn company page.


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