Hewlett Packard “HP”started way back in the year 1939 by two electrical engineering graduates from Stanford University namely Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard from a one car garage in Palo Alto  under the mentorship of Frederick Terman, their past professor with  a mere investment of US$ 538. The Company was officially incorporated on August 18, 1947 and brought its IPO on November 6, 1957.

Today the organization stood as a multinational corporation in IT sector headquartered in Palo Alto, California, US.HP that was rather unfocussed initially working on various electrical gadgets alongwith agriculture is known as the leading maker of a range of computers and related devices including storage devices, printers, networking devices, software and other imaging products.

Known for its calm marketing style and advertising, the market of HP also caters to the requirement of small and medium sized businesses and households directly and with online distribution channels.

Earliest customers list of HP includes Walt Disney Productions that ordered eight set of their first financially successful product 200B oscillators.

Recognized as the world’s largest PC vendor in terms of unit sales in 2012, HP has also acclaimed a No. 9 ranking in Fortune 500 ranking in the year 2009.

Always stood as an ideal for employees working and culture, today HP has earned a market capitalization of more than $55 billion. One of the most successful start -up companies in all terms be it market cap revenue, employee growth, industry growth HP will always remain a landmark venture of Silicon Valley!!!


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