HTML5 Gains Popularity, Windows Feels Threatened


HTML5 is going to be the new mantra. The developers no longer want to cling to the standard stage of Microsoft Windows. A survey (of 2, 128 application developers, 2013) from the development community (HTML5) revealed that above 70 per cent of the developers are inclined towards working using HTML5. 75 per cent wants to continue till the same in this year too. Sencha CEO, Michael Mullany, maintained that more enthusiasm is being observed for HTML5. The survey indeed echoes his visionary. HTML5 is more useful and above all stands out tall in application development.

The target seems obvious – mobile devices and desktop. The classic Windows is threatened now. Developers (30 per cent) stood up against using the classic Windows for laptops and desktops. A swinging curve is being observed, developers (71 per cent) still accommodates it. This swinging will end up in whose favor remains the question. HTML5 is giving goose bump for the other party in question, that’s for sure.


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