Hummingbird: Google Latest Search Update


Google rolled out the strictly watched over “Hummingbird” in the past month to retool its search engine to give better search output. Three years ago Google launched “Caffeine” as part of redesign, a revision to the way it indexes websites and Hummingbird seems to be the first major alteration since then which will have a major impact on traffic to websites effecting about 90 percent of search requests on Google. This launch comes in the wake of people increasingly relying on Google for more and more daily needs and search requests becoming more specific with users entering lengthy questions rather than just words.

 When Caffeine was launched a lot of websites which erstwhile topped the search results due to tricking Google into believing that their content was related to common search requests, were actually downgraded to back pages. The new search algorithm aimed at making Google’s search engine, gain an understanding of concepts instead of just words, hasn’t created any widespread criticism from other websites unlike the Caffeine update, which means that this revision may not have resulted in a radical reshuffling in how websites rank in the recommendations. Reshuffling in Google search rankings has far reaching consequences on steering internet traffic and Ads tied to search requests, which is also Google’s major source of revenue.


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