Intel Makes 2014 Significant with the Curbing of 5300 Jobs


This is the year when Intel has a planning of curtailing more than 5000 jobs. This is an attempt being made to have suitable boost in total revenue income and there has even been an enhanced demand in the genre of the personal computer chip. The suitable curtailing has been confirmed by the Calif of the company in Santa Clara. The job cuts have been announced on Friday. Due to the massive pay roll there has been a downfall in the profit rate of the company. The company has the intention of curbing the jobs without causing any sort of workers lay off. This has been intimated by Bill Calder the Intel spokesman.

The reduction which has been caused would be attained with the help of attrition and people have even been offered before time retirements and even buyouts. Intel is trying to control expenses by ending a two years slumping with which there has been a fall in the earning from $ 12.9 billion to an amount of $ 96 billion in the year 2013. The company is trying hard to have a desirable revenue hike this year.


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