E-Business refers to any business done on the internet, whether it is trading, selling or even providing services. Internet has become the new market place, where one can sell his wares or services with the best part being that the whole world become your market. Internet has really helped businesses grow a long way.

But one technology which is now helping the e-businesses world over is the intranet. As the name suggests, intranet is also internet only but within specific users. In simple words, intranet is internet like facilities being used within an organization, wherein, only the members connected with the intranet server can view or exchange data.

Intranet is really helping businesses in managing their online business. As employees are connected with each other and at the same time secrecy is maintained with the outside world, managing and organizing has become really easy. With feedbacks from e-business being shared, the logistics have really got better. Maintaining of stock, matching delivery deadlines and sharing of customer feedback has really become easy with the help of intranet. It has really improved the intra department connectivity, thereby enhancing performances.


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