Internet in US unable to satisfy customers, strange but true


The recently conducted American Customer Satisfaction Index surveys revealed the hidden angst about internet service providers in the States. The last year’s survey revealed that they have ranked Internet service at the very bottom in the level of satisfaction derived. It is lagging behind health insurance and airlines service too. The telecom industry maintains that the Internet is costing them dear at the crunch. The speed remains slow and is providing poor service.

Facebook, the darling of the social networking sites too reveals a similar apathy towards it. Many users have passed their angry remarks. It is clear that they are suffering and in this Age of Internet, imagining life without Internet really staggers our imagination. All is not lost; some opined that there are no problems whatsoever.  Broadband service is not the best in the US. Not having a fast Internet is a bigger problem than missing out any TV programme. What the States does in this matter is the big question posed by the customers. What will Americans do without Internet?


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