Interns in teach companies are making fortune, earns above $7,000-per-month, report reveals


Now take that, according to Glassdoor’s latest list about the companies that pays a higher amount to its interns, tech companies are leading from the front. Don’t disbelieve, the stats prove it. There are more twists in the tale. The No. 1 ranked is Palantir Technologies (Palo Alto, software and service company, based in Calif.) and not Google or Twitter. For Twitter lovers, Twitter is dwelling among the Top 3 ranks. The report reveals and proves the aforesaid statement about Palantir Technologies. On an average, an intern working in this company earns an amount of $7,012. Well, we are floored!

VMware is also so far so good. It is paying an average pay of $6,966. Twitter pays $6,791 and Facebook $6,213. Tech companies are stealing the show, that’s sealed. Ebay, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nvidi and Amazon are also not lagging behind. Quite surprising, Intel is supposedly dwelling upon parsimony principle. It is paying $4,648 and has been slotted on the 23rd spot. Still, it can be maintained that tech companies are providing for the best of pays and opportunities what are your plans? Want to apply?


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