John Kerry advocates Internet freedom in a suppressed Chinese web world


Freedom is dear to everybody, be it online freedom. John Kerry, the US Secretary of State showed interest for this (online freedom) in China. He revealed his desire in the meeting held in Beijing with various bloggers from China. Last year, the celebrated, China’s Communist Party jumped into action to take authority in matters related to the online interaction. They warned the people that legal action will be taken if anybody perceives rumors on microblogs. Many groups have severely criticized such attacks. The groups maintain that such attacks are but an instrument to control and suppress the freedom of expression.

The government is of the opinion that these steps are a desirable element for upholding social stability. The 40-minute conversation revealed a lot about the wishes of the bloggers. They want internet freedom. Kerry assured that he is on song and had told the Chinese leaders to advocate Internet freedom. He ended on a wise note that Chinese economy will shoot up if there is more freedom exercised by the Internet users. It is high time that the country should wake into the dawn of Internet freedom.


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