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About: Larry Elison – The thought process behind Oracle


Larry “Lawrence Joseph” Ellison continuing on the position of third wealthiest man in America is better known as the co- founder cum CEO of the giant ORACLE, enterprise software in database management company. Born on August 17, 1944 in New York and brought up by his aunt and uncle at Chicago, who adopted him from his biological parents at the age of nine months only. Thereafter, Ellison met his biological parents only when he was 48 years old.

Ellison dropped the University after one year owing to the death of his adoptive mother. His first project was the development of a database for CIA while working for Ampex Corporation. He later named this software database as “ORACLE”.

Inspired by the popularity of Oracle, in the year 1977, he established his own enterprise by the name of Software Development Laboratories with two other partners and an investment of $2000. In 1979, the name was changed to Relational Software Inc. and ultimately as “Oracle Systems Corporations” owing to its dominant product.

Ellison has also been named in the list of top paid CEO with a total compensation of $84,598,700 paid to him by Oracle in the year 2008( the highest ever paid to its CEO by the Company.

Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs aka Apple Inc. has been very true friend. Larry has also served as a member of Board of Directors on Apple Inc. since 1997 to 2002. He resigned owing to his occupations with Oracle.

Titled as the richest man in the world first in the year 200, Ellison has also been ratedas the best paid executive with a total compensation of $1.84 billion as reported by Wall Street Journal.

Lured by expensive gadgets and motors on one side Ellison is a true philanthropic on the other hand.


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