Lenovo enters the world of Android with its latest notebook


Lenovo could not resist the temptation to go for the kill. Android enabled notebooks are selling like hot cakes. This is the era of Android. Lenovo proudly proclaimed that the new kid on the block (Lenovo A10) is affordable, has dual-mode and above all is ultra-portable. The Operating System reads 4.2. It is also weighing a bit lesser than 1kg and measures 17.3mm (thickest point included). Not to mention about its Web browsing facilities, internet will be blazing. Users can get full benefit of an app launcher, a stunning status bar and task bar in the “laptop mode”. The OS also provides File Manager where a lot of songs, videos and documents can be kept safely.

In the “stand mode”, the A10’s high resolution (10.1-inch HD, 1366 x 768) when flipped about 300 degrees, the notebook glow to show that how is it apt for providing entertainment and applications (that too touch-enabled).  Things should change for Lenovo and its users, after all change is the law of Nature.


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