Technology is referred to all those means that makes the use of machinery and equipments to make the things simpler. We are presently living in 21st century where technology has now become farmore advanced and has produced unbelievable results. Most of the things today are supported by Technology in one or other means and has in a way become an inseparable part of our lives.

Why does the question about loving tech arise then? Infact, why should we not love tech? The factors contributing to the increasing use of technology are easily identifiable and can be enumerated in less than a minute. But, is there any factor that recognizes the technology negatively listing its negative effects. Every coin has two facets one positive and the other negative. Technology is no way a different term. A few of the reasons are given below:-

  • Lesser Physical interaction:- The biggest ill effect of the modern social media technology that can be easily seen is lesser physical interaction amongst the young generation. This has led to reduced in person meeting skills, incorrect body language and improperuse of gesture.
  • Deteriorated Writing Skills:- Increased use of short messages, online chatting amongst present children is causing a deterioration in their writing skills at the stage of their developing mind.
  • Leading to isolation:-Isolation from society can be seen with  a lack of contact in person with other people in daily normal living.
  • Obesity, Depression. Poor sleep resulting ultimately in adverse health conditions:- Anytime, Anywhere concept with technology has led to poor health conditions amongst present generation.
  • Lack of Privacy
  • Increased risk of deceit
  • Deafness and Eye sight problems starting at an early stage.

There is no doubt about the fact that the modern technology is aboon for the present mankind offering simpler solutions to complex problems, improving productivity. With so many benefits the negatives can be minimized if used in the right amount and right direction. The question that should concern us in relation to technology is how much should we love tech?


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