About Maya


Maya is the shortened form of “Autodesk Maya” and the word Maya is derived from Sanskrit. It was originally developed by Alias Systems Corporation and it is 3D computer graphics software. This software runs on operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Presently it is owned by Autodesk Inc. They create 3D application like video games, TV series, animated film and visual effects. Initially the software was developed for IRIX operating system but due to some technical problem it was failed. Maya 6.5 version was made available for the public in both “Unlimited” and “Complete” editions, but it was only till August 2008.

Virtual workspace was defined by the user to edit and implement media of a particular project. Scenes can be stored in different formats and .mb is the default format. Node graph architecture was exposed by Maya. Each and every node has its own customization and attributes, scene elements are node based. Based on this factor, visual representation of a scene depends on only network of interconnecting nodes. With the help of directed acyclic graph and dependency these networks can be viewed. The available version is restricted only for non commercial use and few products generate watermarks on output renders.



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