Microsoft found India lucrative option for investment in IT


Seeing the unprecedented growth in Indian IT sector, Mr. Bill Gates, the Chairman of the world’s largest Company Microsoft also disclosed its plan of making investment of amount around $1.7 bn in time span of next four years as a strategic vehicle to expand its operations.

Adding to it, the head of the Indian arm of Microsoft, said that they are looking at other sectors also including transportation and education, cloud computing, next –gen advertising for investment purpose.

The initial investment has been estimated to be $50,000-$3,00,000. A pat of the funds invested will be reserved for Microsoft research and development, Product and application development services and technical support. The company is also interested in long term investments in promising technology firm. Microsoft selects a venture by looking to an entrepreneur who are able to resolve a particular problem by understanding it.

Gates also revealed that it is seeing to create around 3000 more jobs in the coming period. The IT giant claims India as the fastest growing cost efficient economy for highly skilled professionals and very low operational costs.

Microsoft who is already having its offices in India and depends heavily on Indian workforce for its operations is scaling its operation in India for earning the above advantages.Considering its plans, Microsoft has already established its research center in Hyderabad and plans to move to the city known as India’s IT hub i.e. Bangalore in the coming month.

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