Microsoft frowns at Chromebooks


Microsoft is getting you to think that it is almost a company that thinks forward. In reality it is empowering the moving ad. In spite of securing the Super Bowl Trophy by the co-founder of Microsoft had greeted Monday with wrath. Google is the present sweetheart and target of the Microsoft. Microsoft has been surprising us with its antics. This time the moms are taking things too seriously.

Microsoft has been targeting at Chromebooks for quite a some time. The ad is latest and starts with using the word ‘honestly’. It is not at all like Chromebooks that did not let you install Office. Mom’s Asus actually never needs blasted things like internet for getting the works done. It looks apparent that Microsoft has decided to take turns on Chromebooks and dump it into the dumping zone. This is time to witness the clash of the titans rather than making assumptions. After all, the world believes in the principle of the survival of the fittest.


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