Microsoft Plans Office for iPads


A version of office in the works for the iPad has been finally confirmed by the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. During a Gartner event in Florida, Ballmer said that once there is a touch first user interface which is apparently already in progress, support for the iPad would be picked up which means it’ll arrive after a release of the Windows version.


The rumors of office for iPad dates back to early 2010 when the first tablet was launched but Microsoft denied the story though an iPhone limited version of Office for iOS did arrive earlier this year. The Office 365 app requires a subscription to the Office 365 service and grants access while on the go. And Microsoft then suggested iPad users could also use Office Web Apps via their web browser. Though it is unclear when will be released and whether or not iPad version will require an Office 365 subscription but it is believed that Microsoft is likely to launch the app after late next year.


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