Windows have been the premier software for running computers all over. Time and again they have been upgrading and bringing us new products. Windows 8 has been a complete disaster for Microsoft and its fans. The double edged sword has not worked and the Jekyll and hide policy has disappointed many. With windows being the main stay business for Microsoft, they simply cannot afford to let the competition take away the cake and that to just because of their own frivolities.

Change is the only constant, and Microsoft has moved ahead to work on Windows 9. Although some doubt that it will be called Windows 9 as it is just a code name given to the project as of now. Some are even going ahead and claiming the name to be Windows Blue.

Whatever the real name, one thing is for sure, that Microsoft cannot afford to take another hit after the Windows 8 fiasco. Windows OS head Terry Myerson announced in his annual company meeting in Seattle that the windows app store and the windows phone apps store will be merged together. This is a big move to straighten some ruffled feathers as the users were finding the use the bifurcated stores a tad too tedious. This in itself spells optimism for windows regulars.

With Google breathing down its neck and competition no longer monopolistic, windows acknowledges the need for speed too. The newer version is expected to be lighter thus faster. The hints coming from the Microsoft stable are pretty optimistic.


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