How often have we faced the problem of charging our cell phones in odd hours at odd places? In this, “high dependence on mobile phones” life, low or no battery is a situation most of us dread facing.

myFC Power Trekk eliminates the basic need for charging a mobile, the electricity connection. It works on a unique process where the charger works on water. Yes, you heard it right, myfc uses water to produce electric current and charge your mobile phone. It has a container which needs to be filled with ordinary tap water. A puck is provided, which needs to be inserted into the water and attach your phone to the charger. With the help of a fuel cell technology, which converts hydrogen gas into electricity, the unit starts charging your phone within a minute of plugging in.

Highly handy for people who are always on the go, specially trekkers, explorers or travelers, myFC also has an external storage battery as a backup,  which can be charged using a micro USB connector.

myFC Power Trekk is a very innovative device which is currently available all over and is selling like hot cakes at Euros 209, which has 3 adaptors and 3 plucks included in the cost.


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