News reading software for Facebook is the New Year bonanza!!!!


On Jan 30, the largest and the most extensively used social networking site Facebook comes up with its recent individual application on iOS version. It is designed keeping in mind about the customers of the US. It gives you an optimized adaptation of your news feed on your mobile. There is a News reading software where you can receive your news updates just by scrolling up and down the mobile screen. Now you get a better quality of image and text also due to its high in built resolution system. You also have the option of customizing your news feed according to your preference.

The experts are of the opinion that if the newly launched mobile app serves to be compatible with the mobile handsets. This new application owes its user friendly configuration to Flipboard and enables you to post images, updates, testimonials directly on your wall. Paper is controlled by the use of signals. Therefore every time you do something a HUD will pop up and show you the right action. Your news feed is displayed through a series of story cards that you can either scroll in a feed or one after the other. As soon as you select a card, the story is seen across your entire screen. Enjoy the latest News reading software on Facebook.


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