Open Source is a New Way to Conventional Operating System!!!!


People nowadays get frustrated with their Windows 2000 server. Due to the disrupting service of the server often the user gets reprimanded by the boss.  The users often switch over to the Linux Operating System for its rock solid operating system. In order to escape the regular criticism of the boss you can change your Windows to LINUX to see how well it serves your purpose. You can also convince your boss to get a computer worth 200 dollar. You can just switch over to Linux in case one of your operating systems is causing trouble to your daily use.  You can also browse through the net and find out another system called the Red Hat and try to convince your boss about its usage capacity.

But after all search you will eventually have to come back to the open source system. Here you will enjoy the freedom while you install any software in the machine. Some computer specialists and instructors recommend the use of Linux and open source. There are many efficient instructors who have been successfully able to promote Linux to many families. Some promote Linux and open source software to open classrooms. But the others promote Windows and at times some proprietary software. So now it can be said very stressfully that the days of Windows is gone. Now the users are more and more inclined towards use of Linux and open source software. There is no need of rebooting the system in this software.


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