PlayStation Vita to rock the gaming world in the US, the wait is over


Who does not want to get indulged in playing games? There are game lovers all over. Sony is going to rock North America, if not the world, with its latest gaming console. It will have more battery life, an 8GB memory and of course with new LCD screen. The price will not cost dear at the crunch, only $199. PlayStation users will be greeted by this slim and console. This redesigned PlayStation Vita will be rocking the world of game this spring. The brilliant console will provide with the bets of service in the gaming zone.

The series (Wi-Fi PCH-2000) will feature everybody’s favourite ‘first-person role-playing’. There will be six contents packs (downloadable). At present, black color has been selected for the console. The present model is 20% slimmer and lighter by 15%. It is easy to use and carry. Another good thing is that the battery life will enable players to continue playing for six hours or so. North America get ready for the ultimate.


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