With virtually everything available on your computer and everything going online these days, it’s no wonder that a case sensitive thing like a pregnancy test has also found its way to the software market. Why buy a pregnancy kit to test whether you are pregnant or not when there are softwares to help you.

Although they are not hundred percent sure, still pregnancy test softwares do give a near to accurate result. Basically based on the hormonal changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy, these softwares ask set of questions to determine your pregnancy status.

Online sites like Dr.Diahnozer, onlinepregnancy test and early-pregnancy-tests are some of the online sites offering pregnancy test software. These pregnancy test softwares ask questions and the expectant has to choose answers from multiple options given. Questions regarding period cycle, breast tightening and size, pain in the uterus and even emotional behavior is covered in these questions and once filled with answers, it gives an assessment.

One gets a fair idea of the pregnancy after using these softwares, but still, a doctor checkup is highly advised. And beware, there are hoax pregnancy test prank softwares available too.


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