Reason To Wear Glasses At 3D Movie


The most universal means of gaining a 3D experience in 3D movie is by wearing a set of 3D glasses. Several consumers are buying 3D sets, even though several sets need additional purchase of specialized glasses. The glasses play a vital role in making 3D effect clearly visible. It will be very difficult to view 3D programs with the naked eye. The 3D format can be turned off whenever they required and view in standard 2D format. But one must keep in mind that not all 3D programs and movie can be viewed in 2D.

If the 3D effect is in active then the effect comes from blocking the eyes independently from right to left, at a fast intervals. Most of them critics the technology involved in 3D TV will be on the upper hand as long as viewing quality goes. The glasses required to watch in TV doesn’t come with the set, it may cost 10 times that of passive 3D glasses. Passive glass can be used in Movie Theater as well as in any passive 3D set. While active 3D glass differs totally from passive 3D glasses. Irrespective of type of glasses to gain a 3D effect one must wear 3D glasses at 3D movie.


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