How to record Skype video calls


Recording Skype calls sometimes become a necessity to keep a proof. You need software to record video calls on Skype. One such software is “Call Recorder” software which is very comfortable to use. Here is a complete guide of recording video calls on Skype:

  1. Launch Skype and start a video call. Call Recorder will also be started with Skype.
  2. Check your Skype preferences. Go to the menu Skype > Preferences > Recording and select the appropriate Video devices.
  3. Leave Audio uncompressed.
  4. Select desired video encoding. It is suggested to use one of the standard formats like h.264.
  5. Keep video image size 640×480 and Video Frame Rate should be “Maximum”
  6. Under Recording Options > Record Video “Split Screen” and select the folder where you want to save videos.
  7. Proceed to other checkbox as explained.
  8. When you’re in a call, just click the “Record” button on “Call Recorder” calls will be recorded automatically.

It is suggested that you notify the other person that their call is being recorded. Recording the calls without permission is an offence. Notifying other person will save you from many legal issues.


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