Safety, the USP for the driverless cars


It is amazing to notice that autonomous cars are being driven. But drama may end in a tragedy. It is true that the driverless cars are safe and it is its USP. There have been movies where such things have been discussed. Autonomous vehicle, according to an observation by Navigant Research, should arrive at 75 percent of the total vehicles sold by the year 2035. The reason stand simple: in this two decades gap some features will be added that can completely eradicate the chances of crashes and collisions from the mistakes by the mortal beings.

Self-driving cars will revolutionize the mode of driving that is for sure. Many human lives have been lost in the mad death race of life. In this regard many companies have already stepped in the elevators and displayed their technologies about autonomous vehicles. Audi, BMW, Ford Daimler, Nissan etc are some of the companies in the pipeline.

Will technology provide for the ultimate safety; only time will tell, till then drive safely.


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