Samsung Address Growth Prospects and Scopes for the Investors at the Venue of CES 2014


This year Samsung’s CES most astounding and special conference has proved to be different. There was uniqueness in the tone. This time the approach of Kwon Oh Hyun the chairperson of the Company was in the context of the impending market opportunity of Samsung. He moved to the length of discussing the business prospects of the Company so authentic and pervasive. Last year the conference was dedicated to the concerns and instincts of the analysts and investors. The agenda of the meeting was designed in order to let people have an idea regarding the growth perspective of Samsung. Everything was related to financial infiltration.

Samsung has always worked on favour of change and innovation. Consumers always express their desire for a change in technicality. Technical upgrading leads to more buyers opting for a device. Hyun has opined that consumers are more prone to changes in the last ten years. Before that buyers were not so change and innovation conscious. In the next few years desire will grow more and buyers will be more technically aspiring and it is normal for them to have more expectations from Samsung. There are four genres for innovation as according to Hyun. If things change as expected then there will be a spectacular Samsung achievement.

Among the four, connectivity is given priority. With internet and smart phone the range of consumers are enhancing and Samsung has rightly grabbed the point. The second point of interest is urbanization. Now connectivity with Samsung will enter the remote places and this will make technology more comfortable and acceptable. Protection and being responsive are also points to be addressed by Samsung. Thus, it is an all-pervasive attempt made by the Company to help people have an integral relationship with Samsung.


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