Samsung vs. Apple, the match is on


The big question remains unanswered. Will Samsung phone be able to outstrip Apple’s iPhone? Samsung The iPhone is still sitting like King Lear. There are chances that Samsung products may fall short. But then, who has predicted future so exactly. Apple releases and above all price its items very uniquely and thus it has an added advantage over Samsung. Though Samsung has tried and is trying to match steps with Apple’s steps, there are few miles to go before Samsung bests Samsung.

There are differences in the controlling of retail pricing too. Samsung and Apple are doing it very differently. Will the differences be made disappear or Samsung will perish under the heavyweight of Apple, remains to be seen. Till then, the users can enjoy using the both. After all, users need entertainment and service. Both are competing. Samsung needs to tie up its lace for the race. Apple needs to keep it cool and yet hot and happening.


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