‘Shumway’: Get Mozilla’s Flash Player alternate on Firefox Nightly


Flash player an instrumental software in the late 90s which delivered to us video, animations and audio, is finding very few takers in the recent times with most mobile browsers no longer supporting the same due to performance and security related issues and yet the format isn’t dying soon due to its heavy use on the desktop. Mozilla has since early 2013 started working on replacing flash player under a project called ‘Shumway’. Using HTML5 and JavaScript, it offers a run-time processor for rich-media formats functioning on platforms without runtime implementation.

Though a lot of work needs to be done, users can still try out the Shumway in the Latest Firefox Nightly Build (Version 27).  Since it isn’t set off through default, to activate it you will need to navigate to about:config and turn it on. For the time being you will need to have flash player installed and isn’t yet proficient enough to run all commercial Flash apps and only few demos on Shumway inspector from Mozilla online show potential. With the ultimate development likely to make it to public Firefox release early next year, it remains to be seen whether the project will be able to compete with all of flash’s potential and more.


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