The smart phone war has entered a phase where performance, speed and looks all combine to decide a winner which has surprisingly made the choice all the more difficult. In lower markets, for a common man, the mantra still is “SIZE DOES MATTER”. The bigger the phone, the better it is notion is still prevalent in the majority of the market.

Although they might look pretty and give u a wider and broader prospective on things, the fact is that majority of us while using a big smart phone do have some issues like high battery consumption and a fact which we might not be able to pinpoint, but is an issue nonetheless, and that is high data usage.

Large cell phone users do use higher data. A report from the NDP group state that user of larger smart phones in USA used around 44% more data than small phone users. The wide screen tempts the user to go for apps, watch movies and fiddle and search more stuff than an average small phone user does.

The leading data consumers are the social networking sites facebook and twitter, followed by You tube, Amazon etc. Apparently, the bigger the screen of your phone, the higher the data usage bill on your phone.


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