Smart Basketball to Record Moves and Enhance Performance


Who would have thought that your basketballs would one day become smart enough to guide you to deliver the perfect dribble, release and shooting! Billed as the most superior digital sports product to measure real time basketball skills, 94Fifty basketball promises built-in sensors to improve shooting skills.


According to Mike Crowley, CEO InfoMotion Sports Technologies which is the company that developed 94Fifty feels that their approach gauges muscle memory, allowing consumers to engage and develop and improve their performance with practice. What 94Fifty does is use sensors and algorithm to evaluate over 6000 pieces of data per second and then creates snapshots of how a player handles and shoots a ball. After being unveiled at the MIT Sports Analytics Conference, the company launched its Kickstarter campaign for this “smart basketball”.


94Fifty basketball weighing the same as any other basketball is embedded with sensors inside, a Bluetooth radio, and battery positioned in a holder to minimize vibrations and maximize ball performance and an associated app for iOS and Android devices to provide personalized workouts; Quick Training in specific skill areas; record shot arcs, backspin and dribble intensity and competition for up to 4 players to improve performance.


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