Smartphone Apps To Make you Feel Better


Cool Smartphone Apps to Make You Feel Better Well it is for nothing a Smartphone is called a “smart-phone”! If you load this gadget with just the right apps, you will see it do wonders in making your life smarter and cooler. Here are some awesome Smartphone apps that are sure to make you feel better about possessing the phone you have over other deals in the market.

DeskSMS: This neat little free app allows users to forward text as well as picture messages from their smartphone to their desktop via Gmail, Google Talk, and the Chrome Web browser.

Google Skymap: A wonderfully free and open sourced app that enables you to decipher constellations, planets, and stars by simply pointing your Smartphone up at the night sky.
APP Lock: A simple to use app to protect your specific installed applications with a password or a pattern, so that you always have peace of mind while someone else is at your phone.

Scanbox: This smartphone app enables users to carry out bulk scanning tasks with their camera,
at the best quality with LEDs to provide prominent light sources.

Path: This app combines the goodness of chatting, social networking and GPS, all at once letting
you share your Check-Ins, while you click on images, and tell others what you’re listening to.Lonely Planet: This app is a personal guide to the traveler in you, offering you real time feeds, facts, recommendations and walking tours of tourist destinations, all in the comforts of your palm.


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