Sony is all set with another Camera, its a6000 Mirrorless Camera


Sony is very well-known for its camera. It is not surprising that Sony has recently announced a6000 Mirrorless Camera. Mirrorless cameras are taking the lead. Sony had announced another such camera before one or two months ago. Sony is on a roll. The motive stands crystal clear that Sony wants to hold more of the shares in the business centering on cameras. Year 2013 too turned out to be an exciting and interesting year for Sony. Sony is ruling the world of camera and it seems it is impossible to dethrone the company when it comes to camera.

This new Sony a6000 is on the threshold of replacing the Sony NEX-6. The camera is equipped with an APS-C sensor which boasts of 24 megapixels resolution. There are many more outstanding features like capturing up to 11 frames (that too per second). The wait must be over by the month of April, 2014. If you buy only the body, you will pay $650 and with the whole kit, $800. After all, it is Sony, the king of…camera for now.


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