About: Steve Ballmer – Who never gets tired with Microsoft!


Who never gets tired  with Microsoft!

When asked about his passion, the only reply that could have been given by Steve Ballmer is Microsoft. Steve Ballmer born on March 24, 956 in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the city termed as the safest city of U.S. in an affluent environment.

Ranked as 19th on the Forbes list of 400 Richest Americans with a net worth of $ 15.7 billion, Steve Ballmer has been heading Microsoft since 2000. He was the 30th employee to join Microsoft in the year 1980.

A Harvard University graduate in mathematics and economics, Ballmer can be rightly termed as a math magician who has under him the title of scoring a perfect 800 in maths section of the SAT exam. Apart from academics, he has been the captain of his college football team and has worked on Harvard Commission newspaper and the Harvard Advocate.

His earlier corporations include Proctor & Gamble as assistant product manager and left therefrom to join Microsoft. He was formally named as CEO of the Microsoft later in theyear 2000 after a 20 years long tenure at Microsoft. During his tenure he headed several departments thereat including Operations, OS development, sales, support, ad led the development of .Net Framework and  has  been promoted several times latest being President of Microsoft in the year 1998.

Ballmer used to work for around 100 hrs a week. His loud and energetic personality has at times helped him motivate his employees.

 A happily married man with three sons, ranked as the 51st richest person in the world, Steve Ballmer resigns form Microsoft on 4th Feb, 2013 with a very emotional speech saying he intended to serve Microsoft for another decade.



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