Steve Jobs may feature on US postage stamp in 2015, long live Apple


It is quite clear that Steve Jobs will never have to bear the status of being ‘a forgotten hero’. Selected from a list of many, The Washington Post is bit inclined towards immortalizing Steve Jobs on the new postage stamp. Jobs took gave the world Apple and took it to its zenith. Thus, to commemorate him, the US stamp in 2015 may feature Steve Jobs. The list is normally not let out. There were many subjects in the pipeline. There were many cultural, historical and literary giants who have graced the US postage stamps.

 The shifting tendency must attract young collectors and thus the subjects that are chosen are usually very popular and in fashion. Who can be better that Steve Jobs? Everybody wants to grab his Apple. But it was tough; the list had many such illustrious persons like the basketball giant wilt Chamberlain, music legends like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix and the celebrated TV anchor Johnny Carson. There are plans to commemorate many sci-fi writers and also the iconic Ingrid Bergman.


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